Efficient Revenue Cycle Processes – December 18 Informational Webinar

Reviewing internal processes and creating efficiencies is a recommended strategy to prepare for value based purchasing. KRHOP is pleased to announce an opportunity for Critical Access Hospitals to participate in a project designed to improve the efficiency of revenue cycle processes with the application of Lean techniques and tools.

Hospitals participating in this project will:

  • Reduce the rate of claims denials;
  • Improve cash flow;
  • Improve patient satisfaction; and
  • Improve employee engagement/satisfaction.

The project will kicked off on February 19 and concludes on June 9. Participation includes access to technical experts in Lean, project management staff to help identify opportunities for improvement and a platform for you to share/brainstorm with peers.

Participant Agreement

Calendar 2020

Participants learn from each other during Kick-off Meeting.




Efficient Revenue Cycle Processes