Transportation Issues in Rural Kansas

In 2020, the Kansas Office of Primary Care and Rural Health at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Healthworks launched a project to learn more about community  perspectives about the impact of transportation issues on the health of Kansans. Key partners included the Kansas Hospital Association, Wichita State University Community Engagement Institute and the Kansas Health Institute. The first phase of the project focused on examining transportation barriers and solutions by engaging critical


2021-2022 Resources Program Requirements – Testing and Migration Example Activities – Testing and Migration Hospitals are eligible to receive $190,000 to $250,000 as part of the Small Hospital Improvement Program Coronavirus Testing and Mitigation special grant program. The SHIP COVID-19 Testing and Mitigation program requirements are not exactly the same as the first round of COVID-19 SHIP funding. We encourage all to review the attached information so you are familiar with the requirements of the

Turning Data Into Improvement

Turning Data Into Improvement – Dec. 13, Jan. 27 or Feb. 28 Quality is a key driver in health care. With continued competing priorities and increased amounts of quality data requested, how can a difference be made which actually matters to patients? Once a review is completed of all data gathered and where it is reported, how do you dissect the information and pick what to work on next? You must know what is being