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Kansas Rural Community Health Assessment Mini-grant

The Kansas Rural Community Health Assessment mini-grant opportunity to support rural communities in engaging their local residents to assess their community health needs.

Small grant awards (no more than 12) of up to $4,000 each will be given to eligible rural communities to use for activities such as meeting expenses, travel or initial technical assistance.

Rural communities served by a Critical Access Hospital are eligible for these mini-grant awards. Grant recipients must engage both the hospital and the local health department in the community health needs assessment process.

The project is intended to foster the process of bringing together a broad-based group of community leaders to discuss local health needs, explore data and indicators, set priorities and develop potential action strategies.  In the end, this project is aimed at building and sustaining local capacity for this process. The ultimate goal is achieving progress toward a completed Community Health Needs Assessment/Community Health Assessment (CHNA/CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

For more details about this grant opportunity and the application form, click here.

CAH QI/PI Project

Almost all Critical Access Hospitals in Kansas are participating in what has become a multi-state CAH Quality & Performance Improvement Program. The Program provides CAH tools to improve quality and performance through assessment, consultation, education, and networking/benchmarking.

Darlene Bainbridge of D.D. Bainbridge and Associates a series of educational programs are offered through regional workshops and webinars/conference calls. These programs are supplemented with a series of on-line training modules.

To encourage dialogue and sharing of best practices among project participants, the project supports an on-line benchmarking project, Quality Health Indicators.

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Quality Health Indicator (QHi) Project

Developed through the Kansas Hospital Association and the Kansas Office of Rural Health, the Quality Health Indicator Project, QHi, is a multi-state benchmarking project designed by small rural hospitals to compare selected measures with other similar hospitals. Participating facilities enter monthly data from four categories of measurement: Clinical Quality, Employee Contribution, Financial Operational, and Patient Satisfaction. There are over 90 measures in the library of indicators. All participants are asked to collect a subset of eight core measures, but facilities can select as many of the additional measures as they wish. Reporting options include customizable dashboards, which display the last three months' average of the hospital's performance on selected measures as compared to their state and all of QHi. In addition, reports may be run on individual measures where hospitals create a self-defined peer group for comparison.

Initially developed specifically for Critical Access Hospitals, the project has expanded to include rural hospitals with less than 50 beds. Sixty-five Kansas hospitals and 220 hospitals nationwide currently participate in the project.

For more information on QHi, please contact Sally Perkins

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Advanced Trauma Life Support Trauma Education and Training

The Kansas Rural Health Options Project provides tuition reimbursement for rural health providers to participate in the Advanced Trauma Life Support course. Funding is limited, and scholarships will be provided to qualified applicants on need, as well as on a first-come, first-serve basis. The application form for the ATLS scholarships is available for download. The deadline for consideration for 2012 ATLS scholarships is March 16, 2012. Additional questions regarding this activity may be directed to Lorri Dean or Dan Leong at (785) 233-7436.

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